SmartGeez WiFi Smart Curtain Automation Motor with Track

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βœ… 12 Months SmartGeez Onsite Warranty (Covers Motor Hardware defects and track installation)
βœ… 24 Months SmartGeez Motor Warranty (CARRY IN warranty for the Motor at SmartGeez service center)
πŸ“±This product works with Smart Life App, Homekit, and Google Home

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Imagine waking up every morning, and the curtains split open right in time to treat you to the glorious morning sunrise. Or do you prefer to sleep with your windows open but not have the sunshine in your eyes at sunrise? Set up a schedule to close the curtains automatically at 6:45 AM to give you that extra bit of rest before you wake up at 7:30 AM!

Create schedules, timings, and more with SmartGeez Smart Curtains that come with hassle-free controls, installation, and after-sales service.

βœ… MOTOR + TRACK + INSTALLATION – We offer installations from under 2.1m to all the way up to 8.1m Track Solutions. You’ll never have to look any further with our affordable all-in-one solution.

βœ… COMPLETE THE SMARTGEEZ SMART HOME EXPERIENCE – Integrate the Smart Curtain Solutions with your SmartGeez S10 Sensors like Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, M8 Pro Switches, and more to create a complete Smart Home.

βœ… WE’LL DO THE INSTALLATION FOR YOU – We provide installation, warranty, and our best recommendations after figuring out what kind of smart home solution you are looking for.;

βœ… SUPPORTS HOMEKIT AND GOOGLE HOME – Connect your curtains to the smart home system of your choice! Homekit and Google Home are both supported, so you can work on an efficient, seamless smart home solution.;

βœ… EASY HOMEKIT CONNECTION – If you’re using the Homekit Smart Home system, as long as your phone is connected to the internet, simply scan the QR code found in the manual through the Homekit App, and the device will be automatically added.;

βœ… COMES WITH 2 WIRELESS REMOTES – This comes with two wireless remotes: 1 Detachable Wall Remote, and 1 Handheld Remote. Even without the app, you can still control your curtains easily from your couch, bed, or dining table.

βœ… CONTROL WITH VOICE – If you forgot where you placed the remotes, you can still make your smart curtains work! Simply command your curtains to close/open through your existing Homepods, Google Nest, etc.

βœ… MANUAL CONTROLS AVAILABLE – Even with all automation, you can still manually control your smart curtains with a simple tug and they will automatically close/open.

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