Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation with Google Assistant for Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Control has been made easier with the Google Nest Hub. With a tap or the sound of your voice, you can control thousands of compatible smart devices from one central display. Control your smart lights, curtain controllers, activate smart sensors, and more! You can also use it to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows paired with the enhanced built-in speaker. 

✅  HAVE ONE CENTRAL CONTROL FOR YOUR SMART HOME – With the Google Nest Hub, you will be able to turn on the lights, lock the doors, or turn up the thermostat, all in a single tap. Google can perform various tasks with Smart Home Automation, such as showing you who’s at the front door after a simple voice command.

✅  PAIR UP WITH OUR COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS TO UNLOCK FEATURES AND SAVE MORE MONEY – Install SmartGeez switches, different sensors, smart ceiling lights, smart door locks, curtain rollers, and more to create smart home solutions for your home. Easily control and personalize all of these products in a single device– the Google Nest Hub. 

✅  GET THE PEACE OF MIND EVEN WHEN YOU’RE AWAY – With the Nest Aware Subscription and a combination of safety home automation, this device can help you detect sounds that are unusual, like glass breaking or your smoke alarm going off, and sends you an alert on your mobile phone. 

✅  BE UPDATED WITH THE LATEST NEWS AS YOU PREPARE FOR WORK – Simply ask your Google Nest Hub about the latest news and it will get you the information you need as you prepare for your day. 

✅  MAKE IT EVEN MORE PERSONAL BY CREATING FAMILY NOTES FOR THEM TO READ – With Nest Hub, you can leave notes and reminders so that your family can see them when it’s time.

✅  BROADCAST A MESSAGE FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY  – Tell everyone inside your home that dinner’s ready or it’s time to go. They’ll hear you on all your Nest speakers and displays.

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