EVVR Smart in-⁠Wall Relay Switch

Make your existing Lights and Switches smart with Evvr! There’s no need to change your existing Wall Switches or Light Bulbs and Ceiling Lights! This small device will work seamlessly with all types of conventional wall switches (toggle switches, momentary push buttons, as well as smart remote buttons) and all kinds of regular bulbs and ceiling lights (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED).

💡 AUTOMAGICALLY TURN ON LIGHTS:  Turn your connected lights on or off simply with a tap or a voice command to Siri, or set schedules and have your connected lights work automatically. For instance, have your lights on as soon as you arrive home in the evening.

🪟 CURTAIN AUTOMATION: Open or close the curtains with just a tap on your iPhone, iWatch, iPad, or voice command to Siri. Set the “wake up” scenes on weekdays on the Home app, to open the curtain, let the natural morning light shine in as wake you up in the morning.

🌬️ AUTOMATE VENTILATION:  Simply ask Siri to turn on ventilation in the kitchen and extract the air while you are busy cooking. 

🔑 USE YOUR PHONE AS YOUR HOME KEY:  No need to get up from your comfy sofa and walk to the front door and open the door. Nor struggle opening the door when you have your hands full coming back from grocery shopping.

✅  NO NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED – No neutral wire required installation. Enjoy the convenience of smart lights, without spending a fortune to rewire the electrical wires inside walls and ceilings.

✅  WORKS WITH APPLE HOMEKIT – ​​Connect Evvr HomeKit In-Wall Relay Switch directly to your Apple devices, with no extra bridge required and control via Siri, with the Home App on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Apple TV.

✅  WORKS WITH SIRI VOICE CONTROL – Use voice on your Apple iPhone, Apple Watch or Apple Homepod.

✅  EXCEPTIONALLY SMALL – The Smart Switch part of the product is kept exceptionally small. 2 Smart Switches can fit in any electrical boxes to support up to 4-gang panel switches.

✅  SUPPORTS ALL TYPES OF SWITCHES – Works with all types of conventional wall switches. No need to replace any of your existing wall switches.

✅  HARDWIRED 2-WAY, 3-WAY, AND EVEN 4-WAY – Supports Hardwired 2-Way, 3-Way or 4-Way Control with your existing wall switches, no neutral wire required. Compatible with most HomeKit scenarios.

240 in stock (can be backordered)

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