Bestar Sleek Fan

🏠 Upgrade your home and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with the Sleek Smart Ceiling Fan. This innovative fan allows you to control the temperature and airflow in your room with just your voice, through a smartphone app, and even your SmartGeez Smart Switches.

 ⚡ The fan features a sleek, modern design and is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through the SmartLife App. But a SmartGeez RF Solution is required for this model. 

 ⚡ With energy-efficient settings and customizable speed options, you can easily create the perfect ambiance in any room. The Smart Ceiling Fan also has a built-in LED light that can be adjusted to match your mood or decor;

🍃 This Smart Ceiling Fan comes with an iFeel Sensor which allows the fan to automatically change its speed depending on the temperature of the temperature around it;

✅ With the ability to control your fan remotely using your smartphone, smart switches or voice commands, you can easily adjust the speed and direction of your fan to suit your needs.

💡 All our models come with an optional LED 3-Tone Light kit. You can interchange the tone easily by using your remote control as the 3-tone LED comes with Day Light, Warm White and Cool White.

⚙️ With its sleek design, this fan will complement any room in your home.

⚙️ The Fan + Light Last Memory feature allows the fan to function according to the last feature you set it in;

This Ceiling Fan comes in two available sizes:

48-inch – 4 ~ 37W

60-inch – 6 ~ 45W

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